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Chocolate popsicle

I needed a chocolate fix and there was no chocolate in the house…eek! There was, however, good quality unsweetened cocoa in the pantry.  I decided to make hot chocolate and give it a whirl in the blender with some ice (it being 80+ degrees outside and all).

Well, I made more than enough super-rich hot chocolate, so I poured the rest in little plastic cups, stuck a half giant straw in each (I just happened to have those big fat straws used for bubble tea lying around), covered with plastic, and placed in the freezer.

I also put a tiny bit of sweet condensed milk on the bottom of the little cups before pouring in the chocolate.  How I love sweet condensed milk.

The popsicles turned out so amazingly rich, chocolaty, and beyond my wildest expectations, that I just had to blog about it.

I basically used what I had on hand, which was good cocoa, milk, and sweet condensed milk.  The sweet condensed milk made the hot chocolate silky and rich, and of course, sweet.  I started with the milk and cocoa over heat and kept adding more cocoa and sweet condensed milk until it was super rich and thick and tasted amazing.  That was it.

How easy is that, for a go-to chocolate fix!


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